Business 2.0, 3.0, or whatever.0


If you were in charge of marketing yourself what would be the first thing you’d work on? Your personality? Resume? Network? Social network? All of these? None of these?

The answer is all and none of the above. You market yourself every day when you come in contact with people like the person you meet on the plane or the guy who dropped his napkin at the restaurant that you picked up or the person at work that you went out of your way to help. If you believe that the moment you walk out the door until the moment you come home you are marketing yourself then think about your business for a moment.

Does everyone at your company think this way from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed? Every person who works for your company markets themselves and in turn markets you.

And if you believe everything above–then do you also believe that every minute of the day your business does a great job interaction with customers and potential customers? The answer lies in whether your employees do their best to represent their company?

Marketing isn’t always about spending money on advertising. Sometimes its the small things that have the biggest impact.


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