The web needs a real revolution


Everywhere there are social media gurus. SEO gurus. There are all sorts of web gurus who tout their skills but don’t seem to say anything new. Their only practice seems to be telling everyone how much they say they know without ever doing anything to prove their skills. So why aren’t we hearing anything new and revolutionary? Is it because not much new is happening within the overall structure of the web? Or have people run out of things to say so they mimic all of the other “gurus”?

SEO doesn’t seem to be good for the web anymore. In fact, it seems to be bad for the web. No longer does it seem everyone is focused on content, instead they are focused on creating content simple to be found. I can’t imagine this is what Google ever had in mind. Instead of creating good content, SEO may be contributing to the mediocre.

There are tons of sites with bad content outranking sites with good, interesting and serious content. The rest are content whores looking to get click-throughs on their Google AdSense ads. At what point does that actually do Google more harm than good?

Imagine if all the sites you find in the top few search terms for thousands of keywords were SEO optimized sites that are nothing more than great practitioners in the fine art of SEO, but not good at the content they optimized around?

Do we need a revolution? Is it up to Google to figure out true quality content or are they doing fine? And will the machines get smarter or at some point will we need humans to intercede?


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