Sell a cure, not a bandaid


I’ve had problems with my wrists for years. It’s not carpal tunnel, its an old kickboxing injury. If you don’t hit the heavy bag squarely you start to really injure your wrists by causing swelling in the tendons. Or worse, fracturing a bone.

For years doctors just gave me meds to either cope or get through a rough patch. Often telling me to get a cortisone shot. I always said no. But more and more the injury would flair up to the point where working out wasn’t an option.

Recently I met a great doctor who said he could medicate it, which is a band-aid, or fix it for the long term. Instead of offering medicine he gave me a few different long rubber tubes and exercises to do. And you know what? I’m gradually strengthening my wrists.

So it makes me wonder why anyone would sell a band-aid when they could sell a cure? Cures are viral. You’d tell everyone about an amazing cure. A band-aid isn’t viral. And you rarely every talk about it.


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