Why no one may ever catch Google


googleWhat does Google have that nearly no one has? Data. Massive amounts of data. Google knows what 70+% of the world is doing online (probably more). Seriously, they might be one of the most undervalued companies in the world.

Think about your business. Where does it run now? Online. Google knows what you search, what you are thinking just by how you search and also loads of information about your personal trends. If you are searching for a certain car, certain porn, certain clothes, certain foods, certain directions than Google can put together quite an amazing profile. They could, and probably do, profile hundreds of millions of people. That profiling not only makes their search better but sets them up to be ready for any trend within a minutes notice.

The point? Besides the fact that Google is omnipresent? That companies aren’t collecting enough data. Not to just know everything about everyone, but to better serve their customers. The next generation of business isn’t going to be about simply providing a product. It’s going to be about tailoring your products or services for each individual. It will take a generation to catch up to Google in data alone.


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