GMC versus the world


audi_q5_beijing_1I love the Audi Q5. There is no better SUV in my opinion. My wife and I were on the verge of buying the Q5 and then GM starts to advertise 0% financing. It’s hard to argue with zero interest.

There are two GMC trucks that caught my attention online: Acadia and Yukon. I have a Yukon, so my wife and I are looking for something smaller with better gas mileage. We need a commuter vehicle. The Yukon is great for taking the family, dog, luggage and the kitchen sink. But its not necessary for a 25 mile commute.The Acadia starts at around $32k so we figure if its a nice SUV than it might be worth saving $16k compared to the Q5.

So we stop one evening and look at the Acadia. We pull up to one that is loaded with leather, navigation, etc. and the cost is $48k. $48k?! The Q5 is $49k full loaded on the lot. We are talking about an regular SUV with extras compared to the top-of-the-line luxury SUV. Not only is the Q5 loaded, but it screams luxury. It’s nicer than the Mercedes,  Lexus and Porsche SUVs. I know, I test drove them.

I knew GM had some problems, but seriously, who prices vehicles at GM? Have they visited their competition? Can someone at GM seriously believe their vehicle is as good as an Audi? BMW? Lexus? Mercedes? The hybrid Yukon is only $4k more. If GM wants to get in the luxury game then breathe some life into Cadillac. Just don’t try to sell me ordinary with leather at the price of the best.

Want to know what I’d pay for the Acadia loaded? $33k. It’s a nice regular SUV. It’s not luxury. GM needs to wake up and compete.


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