Subway gets away with sucking


I can’t believe I’m going to write about how dumb I am, but here goes.

I often eat at Subway when I don’t have a prepared lunch for work. Mostly because Subway is the closest place to grab a quick sandwich. But it occurred to me why no one really complains about how bad Subway is compared to most other real sandwich/sub places. Because we make the sandwich. We’ve fooled ourselves into believing that because Subway tastes ordinary it must be our fault for not putting together the right combination of stuff on top of a roll with low quality meat.

But if you have eaten at a good deli you know its the meat that makes the sandwich, not shady tomatoes and cucumbers and some tasteless Italian dressing. Subway’s escape clause is tricking you into believing it sucks because you suck as a sandwich maker.

I would rather have a sandwich that a chef put together because all the ingredients work in harmony. It sure beats a raw deal on a $5 footlong made with sub-par ingredients chosen by a guy, me,  who can’t even cook an omelet.



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