Sometimes the wrong move creates an opening for your worst enemies


A few days ago Google released their browser Chrome. It’s got some neat features but you have to wonder if this doesn’t create an opening for Microsoft or Yahoo.

I understand that it looks like it could go the opposite direction–after all it is a direct jab at Microsoft. However it also takes a jab at a company that has been a huge advocate of Google: Mozilla. (Mozilla is the creator of the Firefox browser)

I’m using Firefox right now and right at the top right of my browser is a Google search. If I’m Mozilla I have to start questioning my relationship with Google considering the great real estate they own in my browser. If I’m Microsoft or Yahoo I’d be on the phone with someone over at Mozilla wondering how much it would cost me to take Google’s spot and reminding them how Google has basically stuck it to them.

Sure, Microsoft has a browser too, but they were in the game before Firefox. The best chance really is for Yahoo who doesn’t have a browser but does have a search engine.

Google joining the browser market in my opinion is actually good for Microsoft because the tech savvy users are going to adopt Chrome–the same people who use Firefox. The 80% who use Internet Explorer do so mostly because they don’t even know about Firefox. Microsoft might still be at 80% a year from now with Firefox only owning 15% of the marketing and Google with 5%. Or some other variation. The funny thing is this reverses the roll of Google search verses Microsoft search. Microsoft should revel in their new found dominance of Google, but MS better get it right with IE8.


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