Solution: Ever get Locked out of WordPress Login on Local Host?


If you’ve ever moved a site to your local installation of WordPress and for whatever reason got locked out and your password or username stopped working–I have the solution. I’ll give it to you in a few easy steps.

Step One: Login to PHPmyAdmin (if you are not able to access this–then I’m sorry no help for you).

Step Two: Locate wp-users and click on that.

Step Three: Find your admin account. Chances are for some reason your password did not come across correctly. Double click on the password. And you should be able to select the text right here:


Step Four: Go and create a password and do an MD5 hash on it. If I put in 123456 for my password I would get:

Step five: Paste your MD5 hash password into the database:


Step Six: Go to your site’s wp-admin and login with your new password!


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