Google Trends Examples: How to research your business


So what is Google Trends? I hate to start super simplistically, but the majority of those who stumble upon this blog are at that point in their internet marketing research.

Below is an example of two items that are highly seasonal. Santa Claus and Prom Dress. Why did I choose these? To make my second point for slide #2. But in this slide you can see that Santa Claus is extremely popular around Christmas time. He is so popular that he scores 100 out of 100. Prom Dress are therefore put into perspective of their overall interest even during their most important time of the year in the Spring.

Google Trends

This is where it gets good. If you were starting a website to sell Prom Dress you might think that going after the keywords “Prom Dress” would be a great idea. It seems like teenage girls might be searching for a prom dress, until you actually go into Google Trends and see how big of a difference there is in searches for “prom dresses” over “prom dress”. And finally, if you were worried that prom dresses might be losing their interest you can see that 2013 is about as good as it has been in terms of interest since 2005. And you can see that even the season for search starts a bit earlier in the year than “Prom Dress”. That does not mean you exclude the term “prom dress” as that might be closer to the purchasing funnel when someone has narrowed down their searches for a specific type of prom dress–thus it happens a bit closer to prom day.

Google Trends


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