Why I love to hate movies


I love movies. I love to see new movies. I’d love to see all of them every single weekend. But do you know what I hate about movies?

– Getting into my car and driving a minimum of 20 minutes to the theater
– Waiting in line to buy tickets (although I’m glad I can buy some online to save this grief)
– Shuffling across dozens of feet down the aisles and shuffling back out to go to the bathroom.
– Listening to crying babies, people talking, people shuffling across my feet to go to the bathroom and phones ringing.
– The cost of popcorn, pop, and snacks.
– Dirty bathrooms.
– Walking ten minutes to my car when its 20 degrees or worse snowing or raining?

Here are the facts. I can avoid movie theaters and wait for the DVD version. But I’m impatient. I want new movies now. But I have options. I could steal them from BitTorrents or drag myself and family to a movie theater.

It costs me at least forty bucks to go to the theater with the family and that’s with going cheap on popcorn, etc. (If I smuggle in water and a snack or two). A date night is probably between $23-30 with my wife.

Why isn’t there a third option? If I want to see a UFC fight or some other pay-per-view event I must pay a premium to watch it. Why not offer that option for newly released movies? Not everyone is going to pay that price but someone like me, who likes to complain and hates leaving his warm house and snacks, might. And that might also mean I watch a more movies a month than the one I see now.


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