Google me this or why Google hates customer service


Google maps for business seems like a great idea. That is unless you have to use it. Until recently I had no idea that Google map spam was such a huge problem. Its such a big problem that they have a Google Group assigned to it. Too bad no one seems to be helping anyone there.

I have had a problem for weeks and no one has responded. Under our domain, in a Google search, there is an address for no apparent reason. It has nothing to do with our company. So you think we should be able to get rid of it right? Well Google doesn’t seem to care. Because there are hundreds of others with the same issue. The issue is random spammers taking over addresses, domains and other portions of your business information on Google.

My favorite recent post topic: “This forum is a waste of time” with the following post “I guess google really doesn’t care about spammers taking advantage of google maps if they cared something would be done already Maybe we should stop using google”

Google loves to make new products but if seems they to hate support them. If you ask for help they tell you there is a help page. Google, like most companies, isn’t perfect but there is a lot they could be doing that they aren’t. It’s not a tough problem to solve across their many product lines they just need to get the right team put together and make a real effort. Otherwise they’ll become another huge tech company that we all love to pick on (Microsoft anyone?).


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