How to start a petting zoo business


Why do over 900 people a day search for “how to start a petting zoo”?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a search engine that just answered why? It be like a survey tool that just sorted out the who, whats and whys we need to know so many things. Or where you even heard about half the stuff you try to find? You know one person every day is searching for “tater tot and ham casserole“. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well, now I’m curious.

I think Google should take the Wiki approach and when you don’t find something good enough, just make a suggestion. You tell someone that you want to find “tater to and ham casserole” and that call goes out to people in the know for that question. The first one who answers the call Google rewards them with a special highlighted first placement search. Yahoo has their answers but that isn’t enough. I’d love to see the origin of something being written and then see how it was answered. The evolution of a search.


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