What stores offer layaway?


Growing up it seemed that every department store offered layaway. Over time that changed to credit cards, mostly because they could earn more money. However, in a time when people have their credit maxed out why haven’t layaway programs come back?

Kmart logo
Kmart logo

KMart and Sears (the same company) seem to be the only large department store chains that offers layaway. 10% down payment with a $5 service fee on four payments seems like a good deal. Growing up it wasn’t just Christmas presents that we put on layaway; It was also winter clothing, shoes and things that were often needs not wants.

If Walmart really wants to find new revenue sources they should get back into the layaway business. Target too. There is nothing shameful about layaways, they help people buy things that they can’t buy now without the constant fees that credit cards charge. Let’s get back to basics and start making it easy and cheap for customers in need get what they need. Customer loyalty would grow and that will certainly benefit retail in the end.


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