DoubleUs Marketing — Really?


I love when companies make big claims but don’t even do the things they claim they can on their own sites or with their own products. How about DoubleUs Marketing? I chose them simply because a search for Marketing keywords showed that “DoubleUs Marketing” gets about 2,250 searches a day. Good numbers actually. But there is only one site that has DoubleUs in the title tags. Weird.

And if you look at their site you’ll see that they claim to be able to help you “Learn The Secrets Of Internet Marketing Millionaires.”

They’ll teach you SEO, but obviously don’t do any SEO themselves otherwise they’d have more pages, links to their site from other sites and at least a Wiki page. Come on! Contact us anyone?

They’ll teach you affiliate marketing and PPC. Really? Are they tell you to put some Google ads on your site? I can’t quite figure out where they are doing PPC themselves because they don’t buy any for their own business.

And they’ll teach you social media techniques. Except that they don’t have any apparent accounts on Facebook or Digg or Twitter. Hmmm… interesting.

And then there are their blogs. The one that you can’t tell if it is officially theirs and hasn’t been updated since April. Right on! Bonus grammar: “There seems to be another good news!”┬áThat’s great technique.

And companies wonder why they can’t generate leads. Remember, practice what you preach.


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