The real losers in the presidential campaigns


And the winner(loser) is: the press. Rumors swirling about Palin, Obama and McCain. What is the truth? Well it used to be that the press set us straight. But now who knows. There are some newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post that have tried to set the record straight, even if they lean in a certain direction, so who is giving us the unbiased information here?

Local papers don’t have the resources to give us all the details but they should and could work with the larger papers to have a running ticker of what is true and what is false. Also, let us know which candidate is promising what is being promised and which of those promises simply won’t work. Everyone promises, but we all know not everything can be delivered on.

In a time when newspapers are seen nationally as losing credibility this is a time when they could help rescue their readers from making uninformed decisions. Otherwise the true losers are the citizens of this country.


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