Training your dog


zeusIf you thought I was going to tell you how to train your dog I’m sorry my title misguided you. I’m not teaching, I’m searching. I’m not sure that I’m asking for help, but I find it hard to understand why its so difficult to find a good trainer.

I have a good dog. I just have a huge dog. A 100 pound German Shepherd to be exact. He thinks he’s a 20 pound toy poodle. With shows like the “Dog Whisper” and “Dog Town” you get the feeling that training your dog, no matter the situation, can be done. With a caveat–that you find the chosen one.

Which brings me to this post. There could be fifty great trainers in the Salt Lake valley but I cannot find them. And it goes back to my preaching about first impressions. They count. If I end up on a site that isn’t professional I assume the worst about their company. This carries over to any company. If you can’t put the time into your website then what can I expect to receive from your business?

If anyone knows a trainer.. let me know. And not the kind that comes to your house once and teaches your dog how to sit. My dog sits, comes (most of the time), is house trained and so on. But he thinks he runs the house and is way too protective of his family. German Shepherds are scary when they are angry. The dog needs as much training as the humans do.


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