What a bad website says about your business


If your website is old, poorly designed or its obvious the site was an afterthought then what do you think your customers will think of you as a company?

If your engage in a company for any reason and you do some research and come across their website and it looks like the site for L.A. Ornamental and you start to wonder if you would use them its never a good thing. Look at that website. What does it express to you? Laziness? Ineptitude? Bad judgment? Or that you haven’t looked at the web in 12 years? Okay, its a fence company, or something to do with fences, the site is so bad that its hard to know. Either way, we know they aren’t in the web development business. They don’t get a pass, however…

When you are in advertising you should know how to sell your own company online. Someone should tell this advertising company that the web is a tool not a torture device. The site might be unique but it ended up being more frustrating than educational. I don’t care who they worked with or what type of work they did. I just wanted out. If I were a company they were trying to convince to be his client I’d have to wonder “are my customers going to be as frustrated and annoyed by my advertising?”

And finally, if Tickety-boo Graphics comes to you looking to design your website just ask them how to find Billy Connolly’s tour dates on a site they designed for him. Finding something on a website should never be a treasure hunt. Can you find the tour dates? If you can let me know so I can pass it on to his frustrated fans.

By the way, if you’d really like to see what might be the worst website of all time I’m happy to provide it. Love to see your comments on this one.

If you have a business and want to prove you are professional then spend some time and money and get a great website. Because your company’s web site may be your only chance to leave a lasting impression. Make it a good one.


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