Neurodiversity is a competitive advantage in the age of Artificial Intelligence


Neurodiversity is the concept of neurological differences labeled as Autistic Spectrum, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ADHD, etc.. At times, we were quick to call these developmental disorders or diseases. Neurodiversity is actually a competitive advantage in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Why? Because companies, particularly technology companies, have realized that they had neurodiverse talent on their staff and these employees contribute their special skills in pattern recognition, memory, or mathematics on teams working to solve highly complex problems. Historically, due to the lack of understanding, neurodiverse talent often had issues adjusting to the corporate work culture. But new companies such as SAP, HPE, Microsoft, Willis Towers Watson, Caterpillar, Dell Technologies, EY, IBM, JPMorganChase, and UBS have begun to realize the need to retain their neurodiverse talent and help them have long careers within the company.

With new technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, companies see hiring neurodiverse talent as an opportunity. They are making changes in hiring, retention, and management practices to make more opportunities available with an increasing need for superior technologists, programmers, engineers, analysts, and scientists who can work on difficult problems. Neurodiverse talent often possesses above-average intelligence and special talents in memory, pattern recognition, and mathematics are most suited to do this type of work.

Learn more about how hiring neurodiverse talent is good for all companies and cultures.


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